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Texas Surfer's Review 'There Ain't No Surf in Texas':

"Props, props and more props to you guys!!!   Very well done, what we would have called many years ago, "a soul surfer of a movie".   Soundtrack smokes, Los Lonley Boys at South Padre is an excellent ender that I didn't want to see end.   Just great guys!   Me and the boys are stoked!   I don't know what else to say but after 40 years on this stoked the fire!   Thanks and the very best to your adventure!" - John Patterson

"I just recieved the DVD and I already watched it three times.   This has to be the best DVD in my collection.   I can't wait for the next one.   Keep up the good work!" - Aaron Hebert

"What a sick movie!   What I loved about the movie most was Doublejay took the time to shoot only the best surf in Texas.   That's what it should have been called.   It was focused primarily on the quality of the surf more than the surfers.   It was cool to see a flick about surfing and not the ones surfing.   The inner soul of surfing.   Hands down this flick should be on every surfer's shelf.   This video will blow minds of all kinds, just for the simple fact that people underestimate the size of Texas's surf.   I want to congratulate you on an awesome video and those days can't be duplicated or redocumented and you did it bro!   Great job Doublejay!" - Julian Caceres

"The best surf movie I've ever seen!" - Rachel Gore

"Thanks for the gift you've given the Texas surfing community." - Barret Havens

"Mr. Johnson, great movie!" - Stephen Levy

"...I was working late tonight and it was slightly drizzling.   My a/c is out so my windows began to fog slightly from the wet heat that lifted from the pavement.   I had been listening to 12 straight hours of talk radio, so my head was starting to throb.   My knees ached from sitting in the cramped car all day, and each talk show host began to say the exact same thing, only in different accents.   I hit the CD button on my car sterio with a sigh and was greeted with the familiar guitar solo from "Onda" from the Los Lonely Boys CD.   The first thing that popped into my head was that slow-mo of the wave breaking from 'There Aint No Surf in Texas' to the rhythm of that song.   It was surreal.   I was transplaned from a nasty, low income neighborhood to a familiar Surfside dusk.   Damn, that was special.   Your video actually touched me in a way that has affected my life... MY LIFE, man!!   That one scene is so damn... magical!   It is an embodiment of so many emotions.   It transmits passion in it's purest, most prehistoric sense.   That one scene, so eloquently and expertly edited to the rythm of that song, is pure, visual black magic.   Its spell burns in the viewers memory..."
- Mac Sanford

There Ain't No Surf in Texas was a Gold award winner at the
2004 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival!

Texas Surfer's Review 'Mullet Gumbo':

"... the vid is schweet.   Cool to see many texas locals on film killin it.   Many barrel footage up and down our coast.   The spi hurricane footage is money" - Nate

"Movie was really good with cool soundtrack and some pretty amazing footage particularly SPI in Rita." - JCC

"... the flick is super sick!!!   go get it this one really puts texas on the map, many many barrels.   and the freaking cartoons and animation are just as sick!   One of those bands need to step up and write a song "RED TIDE RITA"!!!   Hell yeah Doublejay, who hoooooo!" - BA

"Damn fine film Doublejay.   Damn fine film indeed.   I can't quit watching it." - Tom C.