There Ain't No Surf In Texas
Images from the Movie

This is a shot from the surf video of Meacom's Pier on the extreme upper coast of Texas.  Meacom's was a rustic, wooden pier that provided fun, punchy, beachbreak waves for the hardcore but laidback local surf crew.

The pier suffered almost complete destruction in Hurricane Ike in 2008, but it is still producing surf.   It can have some of the most groomed conditions on the coast.

'Buyer beware' is the lesson in this hilarious cartoon that shows what happens when one combines the ethics of a shifty used-car salesman with those of a sleazy surf-shop owner.

Dingo - the name says it all!

Matagorda beach has some of the hardest breaking waves in Texas.   Swells come out of deep water and slam onto shallow, shell-covered sandbars.   The surfers here have to be good tube riders.

In another shot from the video, Kerry Pitts shows he can ride the barrel.

The jetty at Isla Blanca Park in South Padre Island produces the best surf in Texas.   The waves here can be suprisingly large and powerful and the beaches are beautiful. Overhead surf and tube rides are not uncommon.   South Padre locals are hardy surfers and tremendous paddlers.

The video still below was shot during a winter low in the Gulf of Mexico - Mark Scott showing his knowledge and ability.

This was shot when a large hurricane was in the eastern gulf.   I've had numerous experienced Texas surfers try to assess the size of the wave in this shot from the video.   Most say it has to be pushing 20 feet on the face.

If you have ever caught South Padre under hurricane, tropical storm or extra-tropical swell conditions you might agree with this assessment.